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AlpArray program is a European initiative to advance our understanding of orogenesis and its relationship to mantle dynamics, plate reorganizations, surface processes and seismic hazard in the Alps-Apennines-Carpathians-Dinarides orogenic system. The initiative integrates present-day Earth observables with high-resolution geophysical imaging of 3D structure and physical properties of the lithosphere and of the upper mantle, with focus on a high-end seismological array. As part of this project, the AlpArray Gravimetric Research Group (AAGRG) was established in the same year, the aim of which was to compile a homogeneous gravity dataset, which will be used to create a basic gravity map of the total Bouguer anomalies.

During the month May, the world’s top journal Earth System Science Data (Category Q1 with IF 9.99) published the article “The first pan-Alpine surface-gravity database, and modern compilation that crosses frontiers”, which is the result of a representative collaboration between the European gravimetrists and geodetic gravimetrists. Slovak researchers RNDr. P. Zahorec, PhD., Ing. J. Papčo, PhD, prof. RNDr. R. Pašteka, PhD. and prof. RNDr. M. Bielik, DrSc. but also, their Phd. students, e.g., Mgr. E. Nogová from the beginning, built up a natural authority and respect in this group through their own activity and work, which led to them playing a leading scientific role in the creation and compilation of the first pan-Alpine surface gravity database. The published map of total Bouguer anomalies of the Alpine region is, for the first time, homogeneous and compiled according to state-of-the-art criteria relate to input data sets, applied methods and all reductions of the measured gravity accelerations, including atmospheric corrections. Special emphasis was placed on the gravitational effect of many lakes located in the study area.

The first interpretation of the new gravity map shows that the resolution of gravity anomalies is suitable and fully sufficient not only for integrated modelling of local, regional to continental geological structure of the European lithosphere but also its common inversion with other, especially seismic datasets. The data is published through GFZ Data Services. The article can be viewed on the web page: do you need a prescription for levitra

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