Project APVV-0194-10 “Bouguer_NG”

Aims of the project:

  • summarizing analysis of non-standard effect and improvement of the Complete Bouguer Anomalies (CBA) evaluation methodics,
  • recalculation and unification of gravimietrical database in Slovak Republic with addition of archive detailed measurements,
  • testing of new CBA map by new field measurements realisation,
  • interpretation of new CBA map (2.5 and 3D integrated modelling, analysis of tendencies in CBA field, innovated Linsser method, evaluation of regularized gradients and transformed fields).

Outputs of the project (new CBA grid, transformed fields, TopoSK program and monograph in Elsevier publishing house):

1) The CBA field grid – for scientific and academic purposes (GS Surfer grid, 250 x 250 m) for the correction density 2.67 (coordinate system: JTSK03):

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2) Transformed fields, derived from original Bouguer anomalies using enhanced derivatives operators and the concept of regularized derivatives, published

in the paper Pašteka et al. (2017) in journal Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy:

(also here the coordinate system JTSK03 is used)

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trasformations of Bouguer anomalies – Geotif files

3) Software TopoSK – program for terrain corrections calculation – can be downloaded here:


4)  We published a small monograph in Elsevier with the main methodological and application results,

Pašteka R., Mikuška J., Meurers B.: Understanding the Bouguer Anomaly, A Gravimetry Puzzle: